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Luxury Shower Head

Luxury Shower Head

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Take your shower experience to the next level by upgrading to the Luxury Shower Head:

The Luxury Shower Head will make you feel like your shower belongs in a luxurious spa. It comes equipped with a fan style shower head and filter that will guarantee you shower enjoyment on with top of using filtered water for clearer skin.

Enhanced Water Flow: The Shower Head allows for a rain shower like experience by using advanced air technology and delivering phenomenal water flow. You will never be bothered by low water pressure again. 

Clearer Skin: The replaceable filters inside the Luxury Shower Head will pick up any impurities inside your water such as heavy metals, rust, bacteria, chemicals and more to promote healthier and cleaner skin to make your SkinCheer! (We recommend changing filter every 2 months to ensure premium water quality)

User Friendly Design: The design allows for easy use. Just push button to turn on or off one click!

Easy to Install: The universal shower head design allows for easy installation in any shower hose.

Premium Quality: ABS material guarantees long lasting use that is rust resistant, and easy to clean.

Eco-Friendly: The air technology allows you to save up to 40% of water compared to the normal shower. All while giving you better water flow.

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