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Luxurious Jade Roller & Gua Sha Set

Luxurious Jade Roller & Gua Sha Set

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Rejuvenate Skin and Improve Facial Structure:

The pair of the Jade Roller And Gua Sha is essential in improving blood circulation in skin, which will reduce puffiness, wrinkles and allow your skin to become rejuvenated and relaxed.

100% Authentic Rose Quartz: High quality material allows for more durability, long product life and smooth on skin.

Tighten Your Skin: Use the Jade Roller around your eyes, neck, chin, nose, lips or anywhere you would like to make your SkinCheer with the anti-aging and anti-wrinkle effects.

Look more awake: "You look tired." We all hate hearing that, the Jade Roller will reduce dark circles and allow for your skin to glow making you look more awake!

Sharpen facial features: Use the Gua Sha to sharpen jawline and improve facial structure.

Massage Muscles: Either the Jade Roller or Gua Sha is wonderful for helping any soreness in muscles. 

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