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Ear Cleaning Kit

Ear Cleaning Kit

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Save your ears by cleaning them in the most effective and safe way possible:

The Ear Cleaning Kit comes quipped with 6 different tools to make cleaning your ears safe and effective without the risks of typical cotton swabs. Each tools has a different purpose and size for different ear shapes. Making cleaning your ears more enjoyable and safer than ever.

Multiple options: The kit comes with 6 options of ear cleaning for you to choose from. The spiral shaped tool helps break down and collect any ear wax that may be around the canal of your ear, while any of the spoon shaped tools helps collect clumps of earwax that may be inside your ear.

High Quality Stainless Steel: The quality of our Ear Cleaning Kit make sure that your kit will last long and save you money from buying cotton swabs over and over again. 

Easy to Clean: After each use, just rinse with soap and water to clean each tool used. 

Convenient to carry: The kit comes with a stainless steel cylinder case which allows for easy travel to bring on the go for travel

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