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Cold Therapy Cap

Cold Therapy Cap

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Headache? Migraine? Stress? You name it, the Cold Therapy Cap will fix it:

The Cold Therapy Cap was made to relieve any sort of head pain you may be dealing with. The cooling gel forms to the head and enhances soothing comfort, combined with the comfortable and stretchable one size fits all design, makes for the perfect solution for headaches and other issues while relaxing. 

Safe on Skin: The Cold Therapy Cap is perfectly safe to use on bare skin.

Sinus Relief: Helps relieve tension in sinuses from allergies or a cold.

Feel and Look More Awake: The cold gel inside the cap will reduce dark circles, baggy or puffy eyes and make you look and feel more refreshed and energized.

Convenient One Piece Design: Say goodbye too that old ice pack you keep in the fridge that only covers one spot on your head. The design of this cap helps fight your head pain that's all over. All at the same time benefiting your skin and eyes.

Easy to Use: Just place in freezer until you need the support of the Cold Therapy Cap to relieve any headaches, sinus tension or puffy eyes.

Our Promise to You

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